by David Cook

Day 15

Read Romans 5:1-11

Justification is such a treasure that Paul now outlines the three blessings that flow from it.

We can be confident that our hope of glorification will not be dashed

First, God is at peace with us because His justice has been satisfied (v. 1). He holds nothing against us.

Second, not only do we have a relationship with God that is absent of anger, but we also have access to a gracious relationship-an unconditional, undeserved relationship with God (v. 1).

Third, we have the certain expectation that, in the future, we will share in the glory of God (v. 2; 8:18). But we not only rejoice in hope, we also rejoice in suffering. Why? Because suffering leads to perseverance, which leads to character. Perseverance in the face of opposition shows the authenticity of our commitment. Such an experience leads to a fresh or new yearning for the fulfillment of our hope (v. 4).

How can we be sure our hope will be fulfilled? Paul gives us three reasons:

  • Verse 5: God has given us the Holy Spirit who reminds us of God's love. God's love will not allow the hopes of His children to be disappointed.
  • Verses 6 to 8: The objective ground, or proof, of God's love is the cross where Jesus died for our sin (vv. 6, 8). Jesus' death is gracious because those for whom He died are described as sinners, helpless, and enemies. This demonstration of God's love lies at the very core of Christianity, which is about the death of the innocent Son for His undeserving people.
  • Verses 9 to 11: Finally, Paul argues that our hope will not be dashed because God reconciled us when we were His enemies. Now that we are His friends, He will surely save us. Having done the greater thing, He will do the comparatively lesser thing-the fulfillment of our hope.

We can be confident that our hope of glorification will not be dashed.

Think through:

God says having two witnesses in a case is important (see Deuteronomy 19:15). Who are the two witnesses to God's love mentioned here? How are they different?

What should the blessings of justification cause you to do?




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