by Khan Hui Neon

Day 29

Read Galatians 6:7-10

Continuing with the theme of walking by the Spirit-which is fulfilling the law of Christ-Paul now shows us that our motive, attitude, conduct, and actions all have consequences. He uses the analogy of sowing and harvesting to illustrate his point.

As the harvest is dependent on the seed sown, the input we give in life determines what the consequence will be.

He warns that those who persistently defy God, thinking they can get away with it, are deceiving themselves: they will reap what they sow, for God tolerates no wrongdoing (Galatians 6:7). As the harvest is dependent on the seed sown, the input we give in life determines what the consequence will be. Therefore, to expect a different outcome is sheer folly. And like it or not, everyone is involved in sowing here on earth.

Paul then goes on to show there are only two kinds of sowing, leading to two different results. There is no third kind. First, sowing in the flesh will reap destruction (v. 8)-the harvest yields corruption and decay; there will be nothing of value and everything will be destined for destruction. That is the scary part. If we indulge in the flesh, allowing self-centredness to rule over us, the outcome is very clear: destruction. And in this instance, Paul could have in mind Galatians 5:21-of not inheriting the kingdom of God.

Second, in contrast to the flesh, sowing in the Spirit will reap eternal life (v. 8)-a harvest that yields eternal blessedness. This is what walking in the Spirit-or fulfilling the law of Christ-will result in. Paul is not talking about the merits of good works (human efforts) with eternal life as the reward; he is referring to the reward given to those who, after being saved by faith in Christ, dedicate their lives in service to God and men (″doing good″ in v. 9).

Sowing in the Spirit, however, is hard work. Paul understands, for he himself has experienced much opposition. Hardships, disappointments, and persecutions can conspire to dampen us, but what keeps our spirits up is waiting for the harvest we will reap at the proper time (v. 9). If a farmer can work patiently for an uncertain harvest that lasts temporarily, how much more should believers work for an assured reward of eternal value. Paul urges his readers to hang on, for their harvest is conditioned upon ″if we do not give up″ (v. 9).

In closing, Paul admonishes his readers-while they still have time on earth, sow in the Spirit, do good to all men, and specifically, to members of the Lord's family (v. 10).

Indeed, God is not mocked; what we do with our lives today will have a direct impact on our harvest at the end times. Start sowing in the Spirit today!

Think through:

What does it mean for you to do good to all men, and specifically to fellow believers, this week?

Sometimes when we do good, there does not seem to be any visible effect or reward. Think of some ways to deal with the situation when you grow weary of doing good.




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