by Gary Inrig

Day 43

Read Judges 16:15-22

Aren't you struck by the sheer foolishness of Samson? Despite all the evidences of Delilah's betrayal, he blurts out the most precious secret of his life to a woman who is committed to his destruction (Judges 16:17). And how can he go to sleep in her lap (v. 19) after what she has done-betray his secret three times (vv. 9, 12, 14)-and what he has now revealed (v. 17)? Surely he must know what she is going to do. What fools sin makes of us!

Even in the midst of the worst kind of failure, God is present, working to restore Samson

In light of the way he has lived, it is striking to realise that Samson is completely aware of his calling as a Nazirite. Whatever his problem is, it isn't ignorance-he knows the terms of his strength (v. 17). For 40 years, Samson has kept one part of his vow. He has broken all the other parts, but he has kept his hair uncut. There is no magic in his hair; it is only a symbol of his commitment to God. But when his hair is shaved, Samson's feeble dedication crumbles completely (v. 19).

In verse 21, we see the awful results of Samson's sin. This was the mighty man who had stalked off with the gates of Gaza in an amazing display of physical strength (v. 3). Now he is bound, humiliated, and blind. There is irony here. It was his eyes that had constantly gotten him into trouble. He had been morally and spiritually blind, and now he is physically blind. God had not failed Samson; it was Samson's pride and self-indulgence that had destroyed his life. With all of our potential, strength, and accomplishments, we can end up like Samson if we do not learn the danger of toying with temptation.

But even when Samson is in prison, a total failure, God does not abandon him. Verse 22 is a bright beacon of hope in a very dark place: ″But the hair on his head began to grow again after it had been shaved.″ Even in the midst of the worst kind of failure, God is present, working to restore Samson. God refuses to give up on him.

It may be that you know all too well what it is like to fail just as Samson failed. You have fallen to temptation, and you would be ashamed if anyone knew about it. There is a bumper sticker that puts it beautifully: ″Christians aren't perfect; they're forgiven.″ The hair can grow again. God can use you again-even in your failure, He will not abandon you. When you fail, come to God, claim His forgiveness, and He will work His healing grace in your life.

Think through:

How can we avoid Samson's mistake of toying with temptation?

How has God worked His healing grace in your life after past mistakes? Recall those times and thank God for His forgiveness and grace.




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