1 & 2 Timothy

by Robert M. Solomon

Day 5

Read 1 Timothy 1:18–20

This epistle begins and ends with Paul’s charge to Timothy. Paul begins by urging Timothy to correct the false teachings and to deal effectively with those who were spreading such dangerous doctrines in the church. He concludes by instructing his spiritual son to watch his own life and doctrine (1 Timothy 4:16).

It is important to choose the right way rather than the easy way—even when we are persecuted and life becomes difficult

Timothy was ordained or commissioned by the laying on of hands by the body of elders (4:14), which included Paul (2 Timothy 1:6). At this time, a prophecy was uttered that probably had to do with Timothy’s future ministry, and a “gift of God” was given to Timothy. It is clear that God was very much behind Timothy’s call to ministry. He had equipped Timothy for the task. Paul therefore urges Timothy to be mindful of these truths and to live accordingly.

By pursuing God’s call and living it out, Timothy would be able to “fight the battle well, holding on to faith and a good conscience” (1 Timothy 1:18–19). One of Paul’s favourite metaphors for Christian discipleship and ministry is the “fight”. This refers to athletic wrestling in the Greek Games and to the reality of struggle and the necessity for resilience and discipline in the Christian life. Many choose the easier life of compromise and spiritual unfaithfulness. They may end up surviving or even thriving in the ungodly world, but losing their souls (Mark 8:36). Timothy is urged to hold on to the faith and a good conscience (1 Timothy 1:5), and to never let go.

It is important to choose the right way rather than the easy way—even when we are persecuted and life becomes difficult. We should not be like Hymenaeus (1:20; 2 Timothy 2:17) and Alexander, who “suffered shipwreck with regard to the faith” (1:19–20). They were possibly the leading false teachers who had gone astray, and were probably excommunicated as a result.

Verse 20 mentions that they were “handed over to Satan” to learn not to blaspheme (which indicates the falsehood they taught about God). They were not totally abandoned to destruction, but the church needed to be protected from them, leaving its doors open for them when they had repented.

Think through:

How can Christians shipwreck their faith? What steps must you take to hold firmly to the faith in order to fight the good fight?

The false teachers were handed over to Satan. Imagine what would have happened to them. How does being part of the church confer spiritual protection?




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